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5:51It's What I Do!
It's What I Do!Ko‘rishlar soni 59 ming16 soat oldin
3:10Joy Oladokun "sunday"
Joy Oladokun "sunday"Ko‘rishlar soni 4.6 ming16 soat oldin
1:21What Subway Tuna Is Really Made Of
What Subway Tuna Is Really Made OfKo‘rishlar soni 19 ming16 soat oldin
0:48Chuck Schumer Fails To Convince Little Girl
Chuck Schumer Fails To Convince Little GirlKo‘rishlar soni 23 mingKun oldin
7:28BREAKING: The Establishment on "For the People Act" final vote
1:34A Message From NKOTB's Joey McIntyre
A Message From NKOTB's Joey McIntyreKo‘rishlar soni 53 ming16 soat oldin
10:21Wanda Sykes On Why Her Son Can't Get A Pet Snake
Wanda Sykes On Why Her Son Can't Get A Pet SnakeKo‘rishlar soni 218 ming16 soat oldin
1:46"A Love Letter To Fatherhood" - Craig Melvin On His Book "POPS"
7:22"The Pep Talk The Kid From Columbia, SC Needed" - Craig Melvin
6:35Meanwhile... Chicken Thighs Are The New Chicken Wings
Meanwhile... Chicken Thighs Are The New Chicken WingsKo‘rishlar soni 516 ming16 soat oldin
0:40Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse all-white country club controversy
3:28Why Did Andrew Garfield Hide His Singing Talent From The World?
3:43Do We Still Love "Bridgerton" Without Rege-Jean Page?
Do We Still Love "Bridgerton" Without Rege-Jean Page?Ko‘rishlar soni 214 ming16 soat oldin
1:39Feeling Angry? Fly Ignited Airlines
Feeling Angry? Fly Ignited AirlinesKo‘rishlar soni 78 ming16 soat oldin
9:12"A Hero To Me" - Andrew Garlfield On Working With Mike Nichols
5:41Big News: Joe Manchin goes head-to-head with democracy
Big News: Joe Manchin goes head-to-head with democracyKo‘rishlar soni 46 ming16 soat oldin
0:42Mike Pence Heckled at Faith and Freedom Coalition
Mike Pence Heckled at Faith and Freedom CoalitionKo‘rishlar soni 96 ming16 soat oldin
10:50The Vax-Scene - The Box Set
The Vax-Scene - The Box SetKo‘rishlar soni 140 ming16 soat oldin
7:15Inspired by Juneteenth: A Stay Human Playlist
Inspired by Juneteenth: A Stay Human PlaylistKo‘rishlar soni 43 ming16 soat oldin
2:23Late Show Me More: "Boy, I Love Having An Audience"
Late Show Me More: "Boy, I Love Having An Audience"Ko‘rishlar soni 237 ming16 soat oldin
3:25Alex Lahey & Gordi "Dino's"
Alex Lahey & Gordi "Dino's"Ko‘rishlar soni 10 ming16 soat oldin


  • Double bunny 🐰 😅

  • Soylent green is PEOPLE!!!

  • I'm going to be at Company on its first night back and I can't WAIT!

  • Absolutely LOVE Jon. What a positive, kind, man! With talent.

  • What about all the comedians that got cancelled or lost career's over big tech and far left nuts. But now that it's at your door step it's insanity lol.

  • Is that Bill O'Reilly's Peabody?

  • The sex wall thing isn't new haha. For some reason BC decided to post New York's guidelines for safe COVID sex last year and no one here will forget Dr. Bonnie Henry told us to use gloryholes (she has actually been a true hero, she's done magnificent in guiding us through COVID and deserves credit for the good she has done too).

  • Love this sooo much💕

  • So sad to hear about Jon’s suicide tomorrow.

  • I wish... I've only been in in a 3way once. 😤

  • Much prettier than Margot

  • So you have a lab designed to specifically study coronavirus. So freaking what? You also have the U.S. pulling 30 people out of Wuhan who deal in epidemiology six months prior to the pandemic.

  • Stephen you were Caliente tonight😂😂😂😅😅😅👍👍👍👍❤

  • Christine is an ethereal angel ❤

  • Jon in my town on July 4th. I bet it’s already sold out.

  • love ur show!

  • Jon Stewart showed why he's a comic genius. He caught Colbert totally unawares and left him floundering.

  • "crock pot full of balls...."

  • If McConnell was working anywhere but congress, he would've been fired years ago. He's got to go !

  • Dude stop with the trump stuff. Make fun of Biden and co. As much as you did trump and I will take back all the things I’ve said about you over the years

  • He didn't leave his teeth at home, he swallowed them!

  • Lmao I love how they're lowkey shading on Rey for being too OP

  • If Jon gets bitten by a lycanthrope, will he have to opt for a new band-name?

  • You can blame the *The Woke Nuts* and *Cancel Culture Nuts* for the demise of Comedians, especially on College campuses....just ask Chris Rock.

  • 2021 and done ✅

  • I love subway..subway tuna has always been little..but so is other places..this is not a new thing..its like that in a lot of places

  • You gave me courage during the pandemic and you made me smile. For that I will be forever grateful to you and Evie. Thank you, Mr. Colbert. You were our heart, and maybe still are.

  • For someone who has so much flab like the Dumpster, he sure has thin skin.

  • She’s chic and funny. She’d be a perfect BFF.

  • Serious question, couldn't they take the laundry on a space walk? It wouldn't help with the fabric stiffness, but it should kill most of the bacteria right?

  • Nevada Needs working factories and corporate team work!

  • Hypocrite Democrat 👎🏻Strike TWO! Sheldon All-White Club … sorry … Sheldon Whitehouse busted for belonging to ANOTHER all-white club and we can’t even make this crap up. Democrats are such hypocrites!

  • Hypocrite Democrat 👎🏻Strike TWO! Sheldon All-White Club … sorry … Sheldon Whitehouse busted for belonging to ANOTHER all-white club and we can’t even make this crap up. Democrats are such hypocrites!

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  • SNL has been making fun of the President since its inception. If you have enough spotlights on you, eventually you'll make the late night monologues and be made fun of on SNL. (Bonus points: If you're making fun of yourself on SNL.) The two things go hand in hand. He should have known this would happen when he ran for President and when he became President.

  • Things are not going well with the new president so let's talk about the last jackass. I see how it works.

  • Colbert sucks!Just like #46...and anyone without "woke derangement syndrome" knows this. Come on man!

  • Sorry, Stephen. Mayne no one's inviting you to the sex parties because you don't think kink involves safe guidelines. Hot tip: kinkiness is ALL about safe guidelines.

  • I'll miss UZfirer Stephen Colbert.

  • This is why I never miss Steven's show.

  • 5:38 the NYC is suggesting us to put a gloryhole inthe bedroom? Hell yea! ...I would not be against that. even though I live in México.

  • Right on Jon Stewart! Thank you! Well done!

  • Bring Jon back to the Daily Show he is funny,original and super smart. And doesn’t have a huge chip on his shoulder.


  • Was it just me or was this one of the best openings in a minute.

  • after the insurrection Stephen had the mic drop phrase of the year “jus like ur lubricated catheters u know where u can stick ur excuses…(wait for it )… n u can skip the lubrication!!! Boom,mic drop 🎤 !!!! that was on the level of Ice Cube’s no Vaseline!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  • Only thing I see is rotten Mitch McConnell.

  • Amazing!

  • It is funny that you freaks cannot move on

  • 2:26 what movie is this?

  • The gossip sections are only funny if the rumors are mostly true. Absurd, completely unrealistic scenarios are also funny, but limited, imo.

  • The frequent beaver marginally push because turnip consistently ski besides a smart step-daughter. previous, bent punishment

  • Actual people in the audience! HOW FUN 🤩

  • So I know he didn't talk about this, but Starlink for some reason is upsetting to me... I don't know why, but there's just something about it that is annoying and concerning to me. I feel like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are both vying to be Lex Luther and it's just a matter of time before one, or both of them, are revealed for doing something extraordinarily sinister.. Pretty sure world domination is the goal..

  • For the peoples act is the worst act there is. It should not go through! It’s crazy how these late night shows have become so political driven and hateful towards one party.

  • Colbert: “It’s what I do!” Me: And absolutely love for it!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Goofy late night comedy talk show...that got us all through this last year and a half... ...laughing through pain... ...coping with frustration... ...dealing with anger... ...together though apart. Thank you, and your staff, so much! That Poopbody award is sooooo well deserved!

  • Stephen: *opens mouth to breathe* Audience: WOOOOOOOOOOoooo wooooooo woooooooo

  • I have watched this so many times!

  • It’s sad yet when McConnell dies Americans will have parties everywhere.

  • Event 201 folks; it was done by some Johns Hopkins folks everybody.

  • Boy, do I wish that I still lived in Massachusetts so I could go see Jon @ Tanglewood! I grew up in Massachusetts ( born, raised, educated, and worked until I was moved to the Midwest 40 years ago). Tanglewood is beautiful and I bet Jon will be fabulous!


  • Watching "A Late Show" got me through the insanity of teaching during a pandemic for the last 813 years... which was like teaching small children in a prison lockdown. OMFG, I love this man, his sense of humor, his intelligence, his lovely wife, his digs at political figures! Forget the Peabody. Stephen deserves the Nobel Prize in Mental Health Support -- and if it doesn't exist, it should.

  • Stephen - - please stop promoting DJT. Seriously. It SERVES & supports his agenda, haven't you learned that ??? It used to be, early in his "presidential" existence - - that your humor about him helped me to live through it. But we've learned that giving him any platform (however indirect) - - aids his pulpit. If the network forces you to continue b/c it brings in the money; then resign. You've got enough. I know Covid taught you how much you love an audience, but let go of the ego and help save the world instead please !

  • I thought eric adams was the dirty cop that thinks kids hide weed in babydolls

  • Love that no matter how much Colbert tries to interrupt him, Stewart screams the truth!

  • I like how Stevens in the background looking like a goddamn idiot

  • I just simply Love Tilda!

  • If people go to these sex parties I doubt Covid19 is a worry for them 😳 Maybe you found that sex ring Repukes have been upset about 😂😂😂

  • Is it possible to love Ms. Baranski more? Talk about a person having her best life.

  • I love how people assume since it isn't tuna it isn't meat.

  • Is it possible to like the Stewart but dislike the video on behalf of Colberts absolutely nothing, weak, cowardly, and not funny interruptions? Colbert has become such a network tool. I can’t watch this guy anymore. The humor is so limp and PC. Legit.. what happened to Colbert. Not good anymore.

  • I'm going to miss the broom closet shows. 🥺

  • Colbert performs better before a live audience, BUT the show is just TOO LOUD now. I kind of miss the more quieter, more cerebral humor. :(

  • No your name is “that guy from CBS”

  • That little laugh at 1:51 what a great guy

  • this guy is acting like he dont live in NY....the cities are full or orgies... sex work is huge in NY


  • "Wait, they're doing Jewish now?"