Cynthia Erivo "The Good"

Joylandi 8-Iyn, 2021
We're thrilled to welcome back the incredible Cynthia Erivo for this performance of "The Good" from her forthcoming album "Ch. 1 Vs. 1" due out on September 17th on Verve Records.

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  • Amazing!

  • Lindaaaaa, amo!

  • I love this......

  • Her live is be just as lit as the audio...she is a Beast.

  • ✨#AMEN

  • AAAAAH Que a Mulher é muito Incrível, BRASEEEEL! hahahaha 😍🔰

  • 😍gorgeous as always😍

  • Lyrics really touched home. Beautiful.

  • Gotta give the drummer her props 🤌🏾

    • Facts Ari Lennox is killing it.

  • Cant stand her . Had no business playing aretha in that bull shit nat geo crap they did🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • ✨✌️😍✌️✨

  • I'm not sure what vid it was, but she mentioned always having her nails done... and now I ALWAYS look

    • @Sophia Hambuda you’re the type of person I would take to her concert lol… you’d have the same amount of fun as me lol

    • The terrell show? She mentioned it there 🤩

  • lets go girl black love love ur voice

  • I do not know why I'd even question it. She never misses.

  • Cynthia I can't stop playing and come on drums 🥁 🎊🔥🙌🏾

  • perfection!!!!

  • Love her! Fortunate to have seen The Color Purple twice, and Cynthia in-concert twice! I hope she gets to reprise her role in the musical movie remake of TCP. Her future is so bright!

    • @Brandonplays702 - Yep! No casting announced yet, but I’m hoping creative team is keeping Cynthia in mind! She could complete her EGOT all with TCP!

    • There’s gonna be a movie remake?

  • ✨🌟✨

  • Wow that old man can really sing

  • .

  • Saw this earlier this week and just had to come back for a replay. Good good good!! And I'm sharing. Thank you.

  • Her voice is pure gold 😭❤️

  • I'm not familiar with her but I can hear a little Rihanna in her voice and a little bit if Beyonce too.

    • She amazing. Look up “I’m here” by Cynthia Erivo

  • So good! 😘

  • Blessings Cynthia, Beautiful Song.🎤🎵🎶🎼 YOU ROCK!!!! Love The Blue Jacket.🔥🔥

  • I always love her and this song made me feel good. ❤

  • Voice like a brass bell. And any video with a smile from @thepocketqueen on drums is ok by me.

    • Thank you for naming her! She is incredible!

    • Her smile is one of the highlights of the video.

    • Yaassss!!!!

  • Brilliant actress and singer

  • When was the last time a singer whose performance actually emotionally moved you?

  • Wow maybe 500 viewers for entire show.

  • killed it queen

  • Cynthia makes me cry everytime I hear her .. it’s not fair 😭

  • It’s the “Heyy” through the end for me she was feeling it! 😍 Pff Cynthia blew me away once again! 👏🏿

  • She was robbed of 2020 oscars best song award😠

    • Nah. Lol 😂 not at all. That was 💩. But she’s talented and her time will come for sure.

    • Yes she was

    • AGREED!!!!! 💯

    • @Sagfu rahi- mos def!!!!!😤🤬😡

    • she was

  • Yay Zuri! (on bass)

  • Cynthia makes me feel deep emotions whenever she sings, like no other voice on the planet. She just blows me away every time.

    • Agreed! I'm not at all religious but her voice speaks to my insides in almost an angelic way

  • Terrific voice and the band just looks chill af. 👋👋👋💙

  • WOW!!!

  • 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Absolute goddess

  • She's amazing! An absolutely addictive song. Love the harmonizing backup singers too.

  • Taylor Gorden sighting

  • I'm glad I clicked on this. I loved the song! Beautiful!!!

  • Love this!!

  • Beautiful 👏👏👏👏

  • Beautiful! Thank you for introducing me to an incredible artist. ✨

  • I feel like she has a great sense of who she is.🥰😍🤩🤗

  • Just amazing. 😁

  • Loved you since I heard This old heart of mine in Bad times at the el royal

    • I don't understand why Bad Times at the El Royal was overlooked by so many people. It has a compelling story, great performances and good music. It feels like a Tarantino movie and I'm pretty sure, if Tarantino would have made it, everybody would love this movie.

  • You go, girl. We need this message sung out loud

  • This is amazing!

  • I love her

  • She is so amazing💛

  • Lovely.

  • Yessss

  • Beautiful and poignant

  • Amazing! I just love her voice🙌🏾

  • 3:09

  • I knew this would be good as soon as I saw her! She did not disappoint. Love her.

  • 2:32 - When the bass line kicks in. 😍 This song is niiiice. 😎

    • her low register kicking in and me losing it

  • Just amazing, I have no words

  • Remember the good, absolutely rocked it!

  • Effortless!

  • What can’t this woman do?!? Love her and her vibes!

    • bet she can do any freaking thing! she certainly had me in tears from the 1st notes out of her mouth!!!