renforshort "fall apart"

Joylandi 4-Iyn, 2021
renforshort performs "fall apart" from her highly-anticipated new EP 'off saint dominique', which is available everywhere now.

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  • Ren is an absolute queen

  • Songs even better live

  • I love the sound, rhythm and tempo. I can understand the most death metal bands, but I can only understand maybe two words she said in that entire song.

  • 2:43 istg best bit, ILYSM 😭😭💗💗

  • Fellas are missing this

  • Yo why is she ripping off Maggie lindeman entire look and sound

  • This no shade but idk what it is cause these guys sound amazing maybe cause they sound like other bands idk but besides that they do deserve more recognition

  • what the actual heckkk mannnnn. this should be illegal from how genuinely mezmerizing and beautiful both this video and performance is TT

  • Yup, That's🔥🔥🔥❤

  • Robin Daggers, is that you?

  • Is there no bassist in this band? My computer speakers aren't good enough to hear...

  • Holy shit renforshort is amazing

  • This was...just terrible. Is there any point to the chick except she's a chick? She doesn't sing, just mumbles along trying to impersonate 90s artists. Offers nothing new, same as the music. If they put the same effort into practicing that they did making that stupid set and picking their ridiculous costumes they could maybe be a good Hole cover band.

    • Youngboy better 🤡🤡

  • one of her best performances wow she's so insanely talented


  • shes so talented. off saint dominique is one of my favorite eps ever :') i love her so much

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    • @Aaron even if what you say is true that he said that it was obvious because he actively destroyed our early warning system on purpose

    • @kale n its time for ppl to wake up

    • Not the time or place

  • never mind S.C,

  • and how did u get on my comp?

  • Hello who r u?

  • Great guitarist, drummer, and vocals!

  • Me likey. ❤️‍🔥👀 Ouch!

  • Thank you for having me? How about thank you for having us instead? Geeze

  • Yesss

  • this girl is fire. also underrated asf

  • It's like Veruca Salt all over again. I'm digging it.

  • Trying to sound like Billy Eilish to me, but she is talented. Video could be less dark but they are learning.

    • @Thomas Norris OK, I look forward to her growing and improving. 👌


  • Love this!!! 🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • Absolutely spectacular! An incredible performance!!!!

  • "thank you for having me" nevermind the band that carried the water. Ouch

  • I love her music and her. PLEASE

  • 333 33 i dare not tip the balance.


  • no bass?

  • Hi XD

  • Literally who is this 🙄 where are the monologues???

    • @Thomas Norris yesss respect!!!! everyone are just old people who don’t understand what music is nowadays so those are the ones i’m attacking hahahaha

    • next big artist. who are you? L

  • Oh, yet another Kay Flay

  • Brilliant 👌✌️

  • Um. Im old

  • It sounded like it could have been good. Her range was so low the whole time it. The choruses should have had higher voice notes and it just sounded monotone. The instruments were decent but yeah bring that chorus to life and it would have been good. As is it's just okay

    • I still enjoyed it but I kinda agree. I don’t know why she didn’t go higher if you look at some her other videos you see how impressive her range can be.

  • One day I will collaborate with her ...

    • @Daniel O'Neill you only live once so dream big my friend

    • Highly doubtful

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  • ouf

  • Seriously what’s happened to all the seizure warnings that used to be put on before strobe like effects. Thanks for the crappy evening

  • I like her boots

    • Lol. I thought the boots were too distracting. Better to wear those boots, if you must, in a video in which the music, lyrics, and videography are more interesting.

  • When y'all getting a record out?

    • Her 2nd EP (which includes this song) came out yesterday.

  • Drab, dull and boring. The lyrics are unintelligible

    • @alwaysuseless well don’t complain if u don’t like it lmfaooo L L

    • @lyrah You can't know whether it's drab, dull, and boring OR great without watching at least some of it. And once you've watched it, you may as well comment.

    • stop crying don’t watch the video if u don’t like her L

  • Putting together a music video in times like these can be a difficult thing. But all in all it was a good song with great energy. Critics are reflecting their negativity without offering any productive or positivity energy is making them more depressed. Get your shot(s) and get out and start enjoying life again. It could make you happier person!

  • Is all lowercase popular again? It was pretty popular with the emo/scene kids back in the day. Interesting thing about getting older, seeing trends repeat themselves.

    • capitalization takes so much energy because you have to hold the shift button down and the same time and if 7 billion humans do that at once it generates 3 tons of co2 and we will do from too much co2

    • See the article on NPR: "On 'Sour,' Olivia Rodrigo Is A Lowercase Girl With Caps-Lock Feelings"

  • What is happening that kids theses days are doing music from the 2000s again

    • It's sick

    • @M W yes exactly 😩😩

    • @DigitalSea that’s exactly what i thought, the guitarist and drummer completely transform this song from a decent pop song to an awesome rock song

    • It's a good thing. I heard the original and it doesn't hold up because everything is synth and keyboards. The instruments in this performance completely elevate the song.

  • Terribke

  • Sorry this video has poor visuals. Either too dark or too bright. Need help to redo?

  • السلام عليكم


  • I like it

  • so fire!!!! go queen

  • Hello fellow depressed person reading comments. 👋

  • Where actually is Stephen Colbert - he always seems to be on some sort of vacation?

    • That's your brain that's on some sort of vacation.

    • He’s probably getting ready for going back in the theatre on the 14th.


    • Yes, how dare he...I miss his show so much. Don't like when he just disappears without a word, and I look every day....grr.

  • great song. lovely video, too.

  • Take that mic out of your mouth please, so we can understand what you are singing. it sounds great but I have no idea what the lyrics are, if's all pffpfffpfpfpff...

    • Um, tell that to Trent Reznor! Ha ha - “DOWN IN IT” “HEAD LIKE A HOLE”

    • I have a feeling the lyrics aren’t the most important part of the performance.

    • stop crying L don’t watch the video if you don’t like her

  • awesome

  • how to get an epileptic seizure 101



  • What a bop!

  • Awesome

  • 1st logical comment.

  • Stephen Colbert fall apart awesomeness job music video

  • Muhteşem 🌸

  • اللهم أنزع السرطان من كل جسد أنهكه😭😭😭 لي دار أبوني الله يفرجها عليه💔😭