This Week on Tooning Out The News | Trailer (5/28/21)

Joylandi 28-May, 2021
This week's top stories on Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News include the Wuhan Lab COVID origin theory, the debate over the January 6th commission, Marjorie Taylor Greene's offensive comments, and more.

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Clip air date 5/28/2021

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  • “There is 'no doubt' Donald J. Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease outbreak during his presidency” - Dr. Anthony Fauci


  • im just glad the kids are not in cages anymore, like Stepheni was concerned under trump, but now with biden in office, the problem just went away;)

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  • This Week on Tooning Out The News | Trailer (5/28/21) 2022

  • NYT Saying Trump gonna be restated by the End of August? No Way! Just like there's no such thing as Voter Fraud! It will never happen! Rallying for the big return? LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! JUST LIKE MORNING BIG B.M SAYS!

    • Tr*mp is going to be gathering his followers and collecting thier $$$$$

  • Came by to see how much material Colbert is pilfering from the little guy.... his whole act. Not surprised.

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  • 44k views (maybe) & only 44 comments. Says it all. He was worth watching before he got infected with TDS.

  • love seeing the foolish Twerking proving the guy is uncoordinated, has no rhythm & therefore I assert the guyBot has no heart for adult women or ordinary people.

  • This was hilarious!!

  • Toon in, people. Toon in. 🤪


  • Codbert's show is funded in part by the CIA.

  • *\\\-WORLDWIDE-JERUSALEMA-DANCE-SONG-WINS-OVER-COVETING-///* *\\-Desiring-something-one-can't-have-is-stronger-than-anything-else-//* *\-ELIMINATED,-CRUSHED,-KILLED,-DESTROYED-ONCE-UNOBTAINED-/* *The-greatest-lawmaker,-in-vain,-failed-to-stop-it-by-one-of-the-10-Commandments* *A-WAY-OUT-I-CLAIM,-IS-BY-ONLINE-SONG-DANCE-SHARING-OF-JERUSALEMA* *It-is-the-proven-way-to-oust-coveting-by-sharing* *Watch-a-few-of-thousands:* *Sharing-The-Greatest-World-Worship-Center-??* *Designed-54-yrs-ago-at-the-University-of-Pittsburgh* *Modern-Chapel-for-All* *Traditional-Sanctuary-for-World-Judaism* *Open-Air-Amphy-for-WORLD-EVANGELICALS-as-in-Jesus-Times* *Serving-2.2-billion-audience-in-185-countries.* *Anglo-Israelists-&-British-Israel-Assocs,* *Links-to-Scots,-Scythians,-Saka,-Lost-Tribes-&-British-Throne* *as-Extension-of-David-&-Solomon-Kingdoms.* *Wikipedia*

  • So if you think that totalitarianism dictatorship of China is not truthful about the origin of virus( which everyone agrees is from China) you are hateful. What about the millions who died from the virus? Isn’t it hateful to allow China to get away with mass manslaughter?

  • Bill Gates twerking was wrong then but now that he’s been linked to Jeffrey Epstein it’s all wrong on a whole other level

  • I prefer seeing Vista than Gates twerking.

  • Please, please, please give us some information in the way only you can on stories like this about Cena's apology to China -

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  • Sometimes it takes a fake anchor to tell you what's really going on.

  • One question: what the fuck is paramount+ and how long until it gets bought out by something better?

  • Colbert is a female dog.

  • Too bad they don't work on Fridays, there were some whoppers between the republicans predictably shutting down of the waste of time Capitol Riot commission to Biden suggesting the mother of all deficit busting budgets waste of our money. Oh yeah speaking of Whoppers, the predictable fail of BK's hand breaded chicken sandwich. Our great nation is being assaulted by forces out to waste our time, money and ruin our appetites. Sets the proper somber tone for memorial day. This holiday weekend is for remembering those US military member who gave their lives for our nation.


  • Brill. Gates. Twerking. Far from the most evil thing he’s ever done, but that’s evil 🤣

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  • She even remembers the Windows 95 launch?

  • Fauci is cool no matter what turtle neck, shades, and if I was wearing a hat, I would take it off to him!

    • @Nothing to see here. Move along. he killed tons of people with HIV in the 90’s, switched his stance 15 times since the pandemic, and hasn’t practiced in 40 years. But sure, trust the system, worker ant.

    • @Dexter Sullivan Yeah. Hate to see a medical professional with half a century's experience in the field. ;)

    • Get a life 😂 That fogey is about 5 mins away from full crypt keeper status.


  • We live in a society where it is more racist to say Corona virus came from a lab than to say it came from Chinese people eating bats.

  • Clickbait I came here for Cuomo


  • Majorie must have told Matt Gaetz that people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    • @Jack B RIP

    • @The White Rabbit Please stay far away from children, freak

    • @Jack B Who am i defending? I just denounced KKK supporting democrats is all. Now il defend Gaetz. "Joel greenburg" is a *proven* child sex offender with a reputation of trying to smear his enemies with accusations of.. well, what he accuses Gaetz of. Do u consider that a credible witness ? Or are u just uninformed ?

    • @The White Rabbit It's nice to know that when the chips are down, republican operatives like you are ready to step up and back up the world's most influential chimos and rapesters. You're so brave.

    • Not as good as yours but.. Joe Biden took lessons on race relations from his mentor *Robert Byrd* (D) and KKK recruiter. (fascinating how u can ignore that fact) Oh, and Joel greenburg is known for making up lies, and did the *exact same thing* with "Brian Beute" as he's doing with Gaetz. (thats lying)

  • Excellent exposure of absurdity

    • @The late show whit Stephan Colbert . Thanks for trying to keep America sane Be careful and well

  • The Wuhan Lab Flattening The Coronavirus Curve The MANY Faces Of Dr. Fauci MTG Reaction To Meghan McCain Meltdown Bill Gates Makes Panelist Moist Thanks TOTN Team!

  • Lol I love these

  • Really....humm... Well I watched the Damn thing so it must work I suppose.

  • 🤣👏👏👏💖💖💖