Vaccine Magnetism? These Anti-Vax Theories Come Straight From Crazytown

Joylandi 10-Iyn, 2021
Stephen examines the theory that the Covid-19 vaccines cause people to turn into magnets in the latest installment of his long-running segment, The Vax-Scene.

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  • Apparently the numbers for Likes and Dislikes have been swapped. Even the left isn't stupid enough to like this pro-poisoning propaganda.

  • We do not believe this stuff will kill you, but you stand good chance of having seal puppies for children.

  • The CDC Vaccine Adverse Reaction database reports nearly 6000 deaths of people attributed to the shot in he US. There are also hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions, some debilitating. Nothing funny about it considering that the shots are completely unnecessary and don't protect anyone from getting sick. There are hundreds of doctors sounding the alarm but pathetic shit like Colbert isn't talking about that.

  • Strange pandemic that requires constant propaganda. Weird. And fans of this show, wow, zero self respect.

  • Pandemics don't need extensive public relations campaigns and "celebrity" involvement to convince people that they're real.

  • Welcome thanks for ruining a good song with this cringe.

  • Super cringey! When Trump said they would have the vaccine ready by the end of 2020 you wackos questioned the quality and safety of it for political reasons, since Biden was selected as president you are pushing the Trump admin's vaccine like it's some kind of miracle drug. Make up your damn minds and don't ever complain about big pharma again hypocrites!

  • The cringe levels are off the charts, Colbert. This is just cultist drivel.

  • Cringe factor 1000

  • I will stick to Ivermectin or HCQ. mRNA vaccines creating nonstop spike proteins that collect in all tissues resulting in tissue damage are not for me.

  • Cherri is right, it's a side effect fr some people, y don't u go & gt educated, silly man, u should b ashamed of urself. Did fauci pay u to go on tv.

  • I’ve seen for myself someone who got Moderna put a magnet to their arm and it stick to it. No way in hell am I getting something like that put into my body!

  • "Can anybody explain this?". Well, yes I can. The key will not stick to you because most are made from brass. And the bobby pin won't stick BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT MAGNETIZED. "Any questions?". Yes, indeed I do have some. The most important one is: where do you practice because I wouldn't want someone this effed in the head anywhere near me medically. This proves the saying "Some people will not recognize truth even if it hits them in the face". Well, for this one, it would be "She will not recognize the truth when metal doesn't stick to her.". You can see at the end of her statement she will not acknowledge the metal didn't stick and insist it did.

  • Cringe

  • They removed the dislikes lol. Man, i really used to look up to colbert. how the mighty have fallen.

  • Is this really the same guy from the Colbert report? Because this is the least funny thing i have maybe ever seen

  • Magnetogenetics refers to a biological technique that involves the use of magnetic fields to remotely control cell activity. Cell activity control is achieved using magnetic compounds such as ferritin or magnetic nanoparticles. These compounds are designed to link to the ion channels that are genetically expressed on specific cells. Control of activity is thus restricted to genetically pre-defined cells and performed in a spatiotemporal-specific manner by magnetic stimulation.

  • Just lie and say its 100 % of people and dead people that got the covid Communist jab shot like you lied about the election

  • Why do people not think about the fact that US coins aren’t ferromagnetic and you can’t stick them to metal or magnets? We need better education in this country.

  • Damn stephen fell HARD hard.

  • Why weren't you imploring people to get vaccinated LAST YEAR? Stephen, according to your own words, the vaccine saves lives. You refused to support the vaccine last year, costing 200,000 American lives because people listened to you. Why didn't you use your power and influence and powerful friends tell people to get vaccinated last year, Stephen? Why did you let people suffer?

  • Inventor of the mRNA tech has already pointed out how dangerous the V is. This song is pure cult level of creepy, it's frightening, liberal V cult.

  • I got my vaccine and I want to give it back after watching this piece of entertainment vacuum. Waiting on the second shot and Colbert makes me want to forgo it, why is this still called "entertainment"?


  • I find it hard to believe that this is considered 'top-notch' entertainment. This is terrible, unoriginal. government / pharma-sponsored after-school special rhetoric. What a Commie sell-out...

  • These same satanic idiots that mock people will tell you that the mark of the beast Won't condemn you to hell

  • That was fucken cringe.

  • Lol so now we know that yes that "vaccine" contains liptid nanoparticles that are magnetic, is this a cope for the vaxxed ?

  • Colbert: "Just keep bobbing your head, sway back and forth, and wait for the paycheck. Money always helps me live with myself."

  • I hope the fame and money are worth it.

  • What a strange dorky dude. That was so unfunny, it was like the opposite of funny, like it made me want to detract laughs and do something that is the opposite of laughing.

  • Colbert you're living in crazy town for following your leaders and obeying.

  • 2 billion Vaccinations world wide.... yet they don't have enough information to approve it.

  • this is terrifying

  • Interesting that it's not exactly antivaxers who are spreading this. It's people who already got the shot that are making the claims. What I've learned over the last couple of years is that if there's an agenda, they'll label anything opposing it as a conspiracy theory. Oddly many have recently been proven to have some validity. I've lost all trust.

  • But remember, kids, Big Pharma is _bad_ Fucking sell-out

  • God people are stupid. Perhaps only the idiots get magnetized..hmm lets stick them all to a large hunk of steel and drop them in the ocean.

  • The chick in the blue t-shirt behind Tenpenny's "witness" is hilariously fearful of "magnetism"...probably draws the wrong kind of attention already...QED ;>D

  • Sherri Tenpenny has devoted 40 thousand of hours of work into this sort of thing. Go watch her and see what she really has to say. I never watch Stephen Colbert, but he seems like a fool. If you want real truth give Sherri Tenpenny a listen. You tube daily removes videos where people are magnetic. Do your research people and don't be fooled by these silly programs like this one. '

  • 😂🤣 I can explain it... you were dropped on your head when you were born!

  • does acknowledging that tested (and untested for that matter) vaccines are dangerous and have risks, make you an anti-vaxxer?

  • this guys sucks big time! hes as funny as a kick in the balls

  • This is horrible. What has late night television become?

  • Cringe

  • CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow this is straight from China propaganda team 👏 yall are such sell outs.

  • This isn’t propaganda it’s entertainment. Another Jim Jones. Step right up and drink the Kool-aid

  • Stick to comedy.

  • This is the worst thing I've ever seen

  • It looks like Stephen Colbert is completely bought and paid for by Pfizer and Moderna. He had to sell his soul to these corporations for a handful of shekels.

  • Wow. This is some cringe ass propaganda

  • If these people were "conspiracy theorists", why get the vaccine in the first place?

  • "Let's all go to the LOBBY!"

  • Ad hominem attack on a doctor's name. "And she calls herself a doctor!" Meanwhile, Biden admin promoted a man who thinks he is a woman.


  • Shame that MRIs can no longer be performed 🤣

  • I liked it better when he played a closeted gay Highschool teacher on Strangers with Candy.

  • Has everyone forgotten what propaganda is? and more importantly, the reason why they use it?

  • Wow, this gay cartoon makes me completely forget that its an untested vaccine. Guess it changed my mind

  • remember when wikileaks proved that colbert is a paid DNC shill? boy that was embarrassing

  • It's all political propaganda and social engineering. It's not comedy, and it's not funny. Stephen Colbert has no integrity. He is part of the fascist government/corporate juggernaut which stomps on all of our faces forever.

  • The only thing I take from this is that all of Stephen Colbert's videos are like-botted with dislikes removed because of "spam" and "right wing disinformation campaigns." No way that is accurate.

  • It looks like hank hill mixed with a tampon.... Just no.

  • All I could think of was a rehab facility for recovering addicts and this song playing. Horrible pandering here.

  • All this talk about Magnets is a distraction from the Deaths & Reactions taking place from the injections.

  • Completely propaganda.

  • Would Letterman ever do this shameless shilling?

  • Does Colbert look in the mirror after this shit and wonder what the fuck happened to his life? He used to be funny when he did Strangers With Candy, now he’s the host of Sesame Street for adults.

  • this is fake news to cover it up---the second shot uses magnetic force to permeate cell membranes, for the forces the concoction throughout the body --------understand who controls the media,,,they are lying; the confused people will be the used people.

  • Dear Mr. Colbert. Don't f*ck with Dr. Tenpenny, and thank you for the name drop, the masses need it bad right now :)

  • This remix and wonderful animation convinced me to take the experimental injection. Thank you Stephen! - Do not forget to remove this part when posting the comment. Soon after confirming the task 10 dollars will be added in your bank account.

  • You soul selling, puppet. Sad.

  • Is it possible to overdose on cringe? I think this might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • I hate satan.

  • The "vaccine" Doesn't stop infection Doesn't stop contagion Doesn't stop reinfection FOR A virus that has a 99% survival rate Questionable death statistics Flawed testing system

  • What a stooge Colbert has become. They totally turned Jimmy Kimmel into a soul-less hack (I still remember him from The Man Show!), so I guess Colbert can be turned into a libtard pod person as well. No wonder their ratings are sinking so fast.

  • Look at those eyes. He had no idea the shit he'd have to do whenever he first sold his soul.

  • No laughs the cringe is more audible

  • Ivermectin is interesting

  • Friendly reminder that Colbert went to Epsteins island.

  • Imagine being teleported from anytime before 2019 to now and seeing this video.

  • It'sAGundam sent me unfortunately. Father, why have you forsaken me?

  • This just makes me want to avoid the vaccine even more.

  • The way their bobbing their heads back and forth reminds me of a mind control device lol. If you watch the heads you kinda feel mesmerized by it lol

  • This is disgusting

  • Cringe

  • This is pure cancer

  • I saw a comment on the Jon Stewart segment calling him cringey for cracking what are obviously jokes about the lab leak theory and I immediately thought of this.

  • What are the long term effects of mRNA on humans?

  • Absolutely Subversive, please consume vaccine. 💝💝💝

  • These people's begging for mercy will fall on def ears

  • Colbert sucking that big pharma

  • Not wanting to take experimental gene therapy in order to avoid catching a disease with 99% survival rate = anti-vax okay still not getting the vax tho

  • Cringiest load of shit I've seen in my entire life.

  • The cringe is unbearable.

    • which one, colbert or the people hes using as props?